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Optical Network Expresse (ON-Expresse)

ASSIA, a solutions company for broadband service providers, has announced the launch of Optical Network Expresse (ON-Expresse), which will support Fiber-to-the-Basement (FTTB), Fiber-to-the-Distribution-Point (FTTdp), and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployments. ON-Expresse, an extension of its flagship DSL Expresse network management and optimisation product, greatly simplifies deployment, operation and service assurance for access networks using Passive Optical Network (PON) technology.

As service providers shift toward multi-technology approaches for delivering broadband, the growing breadth of these technologies introduces multiple layers of complexity in managing, monitoring, and optimising service delivery. With ON-Expresse, ASSIA virtualises the broadband access network with an unmatched portfolio of hardware- and technology-independent products for open and unified management. ASSIA's Expresse suite of products is available as a set of services, thus eliminating the costs of operating and maintaining on-premises software.

'Service providers are investing aggressively in new technologies that deliver ultra-fast broadband access over hybrid fiber and copper networks,' said Dr John Cioffi, CEO and Chairman of ASSIA. 'ASSIA experts have been instrumental in developing many of these technologies through fundamental research and standards contributions. ASSIA now brings this expertise in the ON-Expresse product software, alone or in combination with the previous world leading DSL-Expresse product software, for advanced network management to help service providers and consumers benefit from the very high broadband speeds that combined have any combination of fiber and copper in their networks will deliver.'

'As 1 Gbps speeds become the target for most municipal broadband projects, service providers need advanced management systems that help build and operate both fiber and hybrid networks,' said Teresa Mastrangelo, principal analyst at research firm Broadband Trends.'ASSIA is uniquely positioned to offer a unified solution that not only crosses over technologies, but bridges the silos of heterogeneous environments.  Its flagship solution is currently delivering large operational gains to service providers with xDSL deployments, and the ON-Expresse solution, available as a service, will extend those gains to networks with PON systems.  As a result, this powerful solution helps meet operators' goals for enabling Network Function Virtualization for their access networks, providing the service assurance and bandwidth required for the next generation of killer apps.'

ON-Expresse lowers deployment costs by preventing defects during installation, while reducing problem-resolution time and improving dispatch productivity with expert recommendations for call centers and technicians. Additionally, ON-Expresse prevents service degradation with proactive congestion analysis and reporting. Service providers that are already using DSL Expresse benefit from a unified solution supporting all access network segments and technologies, and requiring no additional integration with existing Operations Support Systems (OSS).



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