Optical Test Kit





Following the success of its RF test kit, Livingston has introduced a flexible optical test kit. The company, bsed in Teddington just outside London, UK, specialises in sourcing test equipment.

Through these kits Livingston's clients will be able to specify a variety of different optical test products to put together a simple all-encompassing, cost-optimised rental package that suits their needs, with all the benefits of a one-stop-shop approach. The optical test kit offers an array of different optical analysers, optical power meters, dispersion analysers and optical sources, as well various fusion splicers and fibre microscopes.
The kit’s adaptability means that Livingston can respond to the growing use within the industry of passive optical network (PON) architectures, which require a different set of instruments, as conventional loss testers and OTDRs don’t have pass/fail functionality built-in. It also addresses operators’ greater usage of fibre microscopes a with pass/fail option - as 90 per cent of all network problems currently come from use of dirty connectors, the thorough inspection of connectors is now proving vital.

Among these products are:
•       JDSU OBS55/500/550 broadband optical sources
•       JDSU TLS-55 smart tuneable laser source
•       JDSU MTS-4000 with 4136-Metro PON OTDR
•       Fluke Networks Optifiber Pro OTDR
•       Anritsu MT9090 ultra-compact OTDR
•       EXFO FTB-730 OTDR with iOLM option
•       Fujikura FSM-12 V-groove splicer
•       JDSU FBP-SE01-EU fibre inspection probe with pass/fail function
•       JDSU HP3-60 optical power meter
•       EXFO PPM353C optical power meter for PON
•       Sumitomo T-71C lightweight, ultra-fast fusion splicer
•       Aefos AFXM-VD optical inspection microscope


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