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Photon Kinetics launches next-generation multi-fibre aligner for higher volume cable testing

OFC 2018 was the platform from which Photon Kinetics introduced its next-generation automated multi-fibre handler, the 1050C Cable Aligner.

The new handler follows the company’s established 1001-MFH Multi-fibre Handler, which has been on the market for some 20 years, and which is a key component of its OASYS OTDR Automation System. The 1001-MFH featured high-speed, mass fibre preparation and automated coupling of a cable's fibres to an OTDR buffer fibre. Combined with OASYS OTDR automation software and high performance, production-optimised OTDRs, the company says that the 1001-MFH has maximised test station throughput and minimised testing cost for many of the world's largest optical fibre cable manufacturers.

Like its predecessor, the new 1050C takes advantage of mass fibre preparation tools and cassette loading of multiple ribbon or loose tube fibre holders to speed the aligner loading process. It then uses reliable video profile alignment and automated index matching oil application to couple each fibre to the OTDR with low optical loss and reflectance. Other capabilities include the ability to align both conventional 250μm, as well as ‘high density’ 200μm coated fibres, whether packaged as loose tubes or fibre ribbons.

Warren Hill, vice-president, marketing and sales of Photon Kinetics explained: ‘The 1050C is not only faster than its predecessor, but it is also compatible with a wider range of cabled fibres whether they are single-mode or multimode, 250μm or 200μm, loose tube or ribbon. But while versatility is important, it is critical to understand that the 1050C enables automated, unattended OTDR measurements. Operators perform cable end preparation, fibre stripping and cleaving processes in parallel with measurements and therefore these time-consuming activities have zero impact on test station output.’


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