PM fibre range

Fibercore, a UK-based provider of specialty optical fibre, has announced two new fibres in its Telecoms PM range for OFC 2014.

The PM Fibre range has been extended further to include up-rated variants of HB980T(6.6/125) and HB1250T(9/125). These new designs maximise the fundamental benefit of the Bow-Tie structure to deliver a 40 per cent increase in birefringence when compared with more conventional PM fibres.

This increase in birefringence translates directly into a shorter beat-length (Lp) that enables polarisation extinction ratios (PERs) and performance over temperature, shock and vibration.

Typical applications include PM pigtails on pump lasers for EDFA’s, Raman amplifiers and Lyot depolarisers, where the increased birefringence both enhances performance and reduces component costs by enabling a shorter length of fibre to be used. At 1310nm wavelengths, applications expand further to encompass fibre lasers, current sensors and biomedical technologies such as optical coherence tomography (OCT).


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