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Precision OT reveals 400G transceivers to help meet bandwidth demands

Precision OT has launched a line of 400G optical transceivers in the QSFP-DD form factor. 

Supporting 400G transmission for distances between 100m and 10km, the products will help network operators in supporting surging bandwidth demands and adding capacity in a smaller footprint. Operators and data centre providers are increasingly looking to move toward single lamda 100G networking as a path to enabling 400G networks. For many, the key is making the leap in a manner that minimises space and power requirements while resulting in cost savings and more capacity.

Precision OT's new 400G transceivers are laboratory-tested and there are four different transceiver variants for this form factor available to ensure that network operators' varying needs can be fully met. The QSFP-DD transceivers support the continued growth of network traffic while being backwards compatible with existing QSFP optics.

Chris Page, CTO of Precision OT said: ‘Optical transceivers, especially 400G-capable ones, are the key component in enabling more traffic to flow across today's networks. Single lambda 100G will be one of the most cost-effective ways for MSOs and data centers to deal with future bandwidth demands, because a single 100G line can reduce the costs of a typical 4x25G architecture by at least 40 per cent. In this way, the use of four lines of 100G and PAM4 modulation can enable the 400G data rates our customers need to ensure they are ready for the future.’


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