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R&M and Virtual Instruments partner for network monitoring

Reichle & De-Massari (R&M), the Swiss developer and provider of connectivity systems for network infrastructure, has partnered with with Virtual Instruments, the specialist in infrastructure performance management, to provide better visibility into network performance.

As a result of this partnership, R&M today launched its Total Network Visibility monitoring platform, a holistic approach to network visibility that integrates passive traffic access points (TAPs) seamlessly into its automated infrastructure management system R&MinteliPhy.

R&M’s HD TAP modules contain passive fibre-optic splitters that deliver an identical copy of an optical signal passing through it. Once the out-of-band optical signal is connected to a VirtualWisdom probe, the entire infrastructure can be monitored in real-time without agents – helping to ensure availability and performance for live applications.

As part of the HD System family, the HD TAP Module is fully compatible with R&M’s infrastructure hardware as a standard module, and easily and passively monitors network links without introducing latency or packet loss. The TAPs have to be connected to monitoring and analysis equipment, including receivers, analysis hardware and software. The monitoring device connected to the TAP is provided with all traffic in real-time as if it were inline, including Layer 1 and Layer 2 errors.

“Virtual Instruments’ data centre infrastructure management software, which monitors live traffic feed across the network and provides overviews on an easy-to-read dashboard, is perfect for this task,” said Dr. Thomas Wellinger, market manager data centre, R&M. “The VirtualWisdom platform provides complete visibility and for the first time, automated infrastructure management and automated infrastructure performance management are married as a single solution. This enables cost-effective, fault-free systems management and analysis.”

“Together, we are providing an integrated solution for accurately monitoring and managing real-time infrastructure performance in a cost-effective manner,” said Colin Pittham, channel and alliance director EMEA at Virtual Instruments. “The integration of R&M’s Total Network Visibility platform with our VirtualWisdom solution allows users to monitor their networks closely, in real time, and detect emergent issues before they become problems that impact application performance and availability, whilst avoiding excessive overprovisioning.”


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