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Smartoptics’ 16 Gb optical transceivers approved by Brocade

Smartoptics, a supplier of optical networking solutions, has announced that its 16Gb optical transceivers have been approved by Brocade in all of their latest fibre channel switches. This allows the lowest cost and highest capacity connectivity options for SAN extensions in business continuity and disaster recovery applications.

The Smartoptics range of modular solutions can be deployed within a Brocade switch in a number of ways to provide cross site fibre channel connectivity depending on capacity requirements. Each solution offers the lowest cost alternative to traditional transponder-based solutions and maximises performance, reduces power consumption, improves latency and helps ensure the highest availability of mission-critical applications.

The transceivers are approved in Brocade DCX 8518/8514 blades (FC16-32, FC16-48), 6520, 6510, and 6505.  FOS 7.3.1 or later is required. They can be used in a number of different configurations based on distance and number of channels:

The primary deployments customers may choose to use are as follows:

  • Single Channel Connectivity

For point-to-point connections.

  • Passive WDM Networking

Allows up to 80 channels of fibre channel  and/or Ethernet traffic to be connected together over the same fibre. Smartoptics (Brocade Certified) CWDM or DWDM transceivers reside di­rectly in the switch and connect via an LC patch cord to a completely non-powered (Passive) CWDM or DWDM mux/demux.

  • Active WDM Networking

If a ‘grey’ 850nm or 1310nm signal is required at the customer sites.

  • Semi-Passive WDM Networking

Transceivers reside directly in the switch and are combined with Smartoptics powered M-Series platform to extend distances up to 150km.

These solutions bring a different approach to embedded networking that allows unparalleled simplicity and cost effectiveness in a SAN.  Smartoptics range of distance extension solutions enable customers to generate cost savings over competing DWDM transport methods which are prohibitively complicated and expensive.  Companies can now move large volumes of data between sites over large distances with plug and play solutions whilst simultaneously reducing capital and operational expenditure.

Sean Davies, Sales Director at Smartoptics said, ‘We are delighted to have our 16 Gb optical transceivers approved by Brocade. This approval enables Brocade customers to connect their data centres over greater distances with greater reliability and resilience in a cost efficient manner without compromising on quality of service or bandwidth.’


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