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Tektronix PPG4001

Tektronix, a provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, has a fully integrated 40 Gbps programmable pattern generator (PPG).

This 40 Gbps PPG, along with the previously announced 40 Gbps programmable error detector, now comprise a complete 40 Gbps bit error ratio test (BERT) solution. With 200 fs Random Jitter (RJ) and 8 ps risetime performance, the new Tektronix PPG4001 delivers the performance and signal quality critical for serial data testing at 40 Gbps.

Design engineers developing high-speed data and long-haul communications technologies must test their SERDES, ICs, components, modules, and systems to ensure that they are working to specification. High-performance, easy to use integrated instruments such as the Tektronix PatternPro PPG and PED enable engineers to quickly and efficiently perform the needed tests. 

‘The demand for bandwidth is strongly driving new standards and applications such as 100G Ethernet, 400G Ethernet, OIF-CEI VSR, and coherent optical communications,‘ said Brian Reich, general manager for performance oscilloscopes at Tektronix. ‘The PPG4001 and PED4001 are the fastest fully integrated, benchtop instruments in the industry, giving engineers the instrument performance they need to test their ICs, optical transceivers, and systems.'

The PPG4001 meets or exceeds the requirements for performance and features for 40 Gbps serial data applications.


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