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WDM900 Lightwave Test Set

AFL has introduced the WDM900 Lightwave Test Set for the rapidly growing DWDM test sector. Equipped with  AFL's Health Meter, the WDM900 enables users to find, analyse, document, and report issues related to Optical Signal-to-Noise (OSNR), wavelength drift, and channel power. Designed for outside plant and central office conditions, the WDM900 employs a solid-state design with no moving parts that resists vibration, mechanical shock, and temperature and humidity changes that often damage or disable other WDM analysis systems.

'Cell backhaul and metro-Ethernet access networks are rapidly transitioning to DWDM technology. Network managers are learning that the tools available to them today -- complex, delicate, high-cost optical spectrum analysers and overly-simplified channel checkers -- do not meet their needs,' explained Bill Thompson, senior product marketing manager for AFL’s test equipment division. 'The WDM900 combines integrated photonics technology with an advanced AFL Health Meter display  to deliver the power of an OSA with the speed, economic value and the ruggedness of a channel checker.'

Thompson continued: 'The WDM900 allows first-time users to find and document OSNR, wavelength drift, and channel power-related issues across their entire network in less than a minute. The user can then generate a comprehensive report onboard the unit which can be easily shared. Unlike legacy optical spectrum analysers, the WDM900 requires minimal training.'
The AFL Health Meter validates each DWDM channel against user-defined pass/fail criteria and immediately tells the user the health of their network. With a single touch, the technician can identify measurement details to confirm the exact issue.


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