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Subscription deactivation

To manage your own deactivation, please first login

If you wish to delete your account with us, please check the box marked 'Confirm account deletion' and then hit 'Submit'.

We will delete all your details immediately, except your email address, which we will retain on a suppression list to ensure you do not receive anything from us again.

If you later wish to re-subscribe, please contact our subscriptions team to be removed from the suppression list.

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If you want to exercise your 'right to be forgotten', we can additionally remove your email address from our entire records. However, please note that should we later acquire your email address as a prospective subscriber (under 'legitimate interest'), you may receive subsequent invitations to re-subscribe, as we would no longer have you on a suppression list.

If you wish to also have your email address removed, please contact our subscriptions team:

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