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On-demand webcast - Future-proofed cabling: how to leverage SN & SN-MT connectivity for 800G+

Future-proofed cabling for 800G

Future-proofed cabling for 800G (Image credit: kkssr/

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Thursday March 14th 2024 3:00 PM GMT

Mechanical transfer (MT) ferrules have historically been used in optical networks thanks to their ability to enable efficient and reliable optical fibre connectivity at high data rates of 800G and beyond.

Their design allows for multiple fibres to be connected simultaneously, facilitating dense and compact installations essential for high-speed networks. They additionally support advancements in optical technology, contributing to the scalability and performance required for 800G networks.

However, with various factors impacting many supply chains, MT ferrule supply shortages have been having a knock-on effect on the deployment of 800G, with acceleration proving greater than the ability to supply. This webinar will provide details of streamlined alternatives to multi-fibre push-on (MPO), cassette-based solutions and advise how to future-proof your network amidst these MT ferrule supply shortages impacting 800G deployment.

Who should attend this free webinar?

This webinar will be invaluable for network operators and infrastructure providers seeking leaner, denser, and more environmentally friendly networks. It will examine legacy designs and introduce a fresh alternative for faster deployment, reduced maintenance, and a more robust supply chain.

In this webinar you will learn how to build topologies with VSFF connectivity and discover how ceramic connectors can coexist or even replace legacy MPO as the connective of choice for 800G deployments.


Phil Ward
Director of Strategic Marketing, SENKO

Phil Ward

Phil Ward presently holds the position of Director of Strategic marketing at SENKO Advanced Components. Armed with a wealth of expertise exceeding two decades, he stands as a seasoned professional in the realm of fibre management systems. His acumen extends to the intricacies of very small form factor (VSFF) connectivity, renowned for its transformative influence on the landscape of next-generation networks. Phil recognises connectivity's intrinsic role in kindling innovation. His profound comprehension of its multifaceted applications speaks volumes about his influence in shaping the future. Notably, Phil has extensively traversed the data centre and FTTH markets, donning various hats such as market developer, product specialist, and solutions architect.

Chris Tutt
Product Line Manager, SENKO

Chris Tutt

Chris Tutt is Product Line Manager at Senko Advanced Components, where he leverages his expertise in optical technology to drive innovation in the field of VSFF connectors.

With a strong background in product management and a keen understanding of market demands, Christopher plays a pivotal role in developing cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry. His dedication to advancing fibre optic connectivity has earned him recognition as a key figure in the development of high-performance and future-proofed cabling solutions.

Moderated by a member of the Fibre Systems editorial team

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