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Boosting a greener and digitalised world with sustainable networks

Boosting a greener and digitalised world with sustainable networks

Boosting a greener and digitalised world with sustainable networks: A White Paper from Prysmian Group

Read this latest White Paper from Prysmian Group, which outlines how fibre can provide the sustainable digital infrastructure to underpin the EU’s digital ecosystem.

The White Paper details how ultra-high-capacity networks have a vital role to play when it comes to powering a more green, digital, resilient Europe. These networks require high-quality, reliable fibre infrastructure that is energy efficient, uses eco-friendly materials, and cuts emissions throughout the supply chain. 

Who should read this White Paper?

CEOs and CTOs, Heads of Planning, Network Designers, Systems Integrators, Senior Engineers and anybody involved in planning and selecting network equipment for fibre-to-the-home network rollout at network owner, operator and provider companies.

Why download this White Paper?

This White Paper:

  • Looks at how fibre can improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and enhance energy efficiency of mobile networks. 
  • Addresses the role of very-high-capacity networks in the economic recovery
  • Details how fibre’s energy efficiency is also supported by its enhanced stability and reliability. 
  • Examines fibre’s contribution to circularity and reducing environmental and ecological impact. 

The White Paper also highlights Prysmian’s work in the sustainability arena. From developing fibre optic cables and connectivity solutions that help operators both reduce time on site, and also densify using existing network infrastructure, Prysmian is supporting the sustainability trends and requirements of its operator customers.

Readers can find out how Prysmian is also applying these principles to its own manufacturing and supply chain. For example, the firm has implemented safety and environmental demands for supply chain partners which are rigidly enforced. 

The company has also developed a Sustainability Policy using benchmarks such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the EcoVadis Supplier Sustainability Ratings as metrics to benchmark its actions. Eco-design solutions are being deployed in order to create sustainable materials and an overarching monitoring system analyses the carbon footprint of its products.


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