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The Guide to Understanding Optical Transport Networks

Recently, ITU-T added OTN functions to the G.709 standard, such as multistage multiplexing, ODUflex (ODU: Optical Channel Data Unit), ODU0 and the GMP (Generic Mapping Procedure) protocol combined with TCM (Tandem Connection Monitoring), giving operators the required visibility. Combining this with an understanding of the maintenance signals available within OTN overhead assures the network stability required by today's modern networks.

This guide provides a comprehensive data for understanding many facets of OTN. The guide provides the detailed OTN technology overview, an overview of the recent improvements in transmission technologies and essential requirements for modern networks.

The guide covers the following information and more:

  • Market Trends and Technology Overview
  • OTN Mapping
  • Review of New Improvements
  • Testing OTN Layer
  • Modern Advance OTN Testing

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