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High level design in FTTH networks: What does it really mean?

High level design: What does it really mean?

High level design: What does it really mean? - A White Paper from Setics

Read this White Paper to find out more about the importance of high-level design (HLD) in fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.

HLDs are used as a quick but comprehensive blueprint for potential FTTH network deployments. While not detailed enough for construction purposes, they can provide a strategic overview that guides subsequent planning phases. They can also be leveraged to help overcome key business challenges, such as cost estimation and preliminary design. This White Paper reveals how.

Who should read this White Paper?

If you're a stakeholder in the FTTH industry – whether a network owner or operator, a public authority, investor, infrastructure provider, or contract engineering company – this white paper can provide insights into how HLDs can help you to overcome your planning, costing, and decision-making challenges.

Why download this White Paper?

This White Paper:

  • Outlines what HLDs really are, and their role in FTTH deployment.
  • Identifies the two major business intents for implementing HLDs: cost estimation and preliminary design, and reveals how HLDs can help, whether you're a public authority seeking to optimise subsidy allocation or a network operator preparing a business plan. 
  • Takes a closer look at automated HLDs for costing and associated business decisions, and the stakeholders who can benefit.
  • Delves deeper into the role of HLDs when it comes to preliminary design for building, and the various use case for which they can be applied.Details how Setics can help stakeholders to truly take advantage of automated HLDs, and advises the various things to consider and questions to think about

Setics’ take on automated HLDs

Quality input data is paramount for achieving accurate HLD outcomes. Setic prioritises data integrity and works closely with stakeholders to understand their objectives. Whether you're seeking bidding models or decision support systems, the Setics HLD framework is designed to deliver actionable insights and drive operational efficiencies.

Download this White Paper to discover how automated HLDs could provide you with a strategic advantage, enabling informed business decisions, precise planning, and efficient FTTH project execution.


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