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How to unlock fibre optic network capacity with Infinera’s C+L Solution

Infinera C+L solution

Read this application note to find out how Infinera's C+L solution can help to unlock network capacity

This application note from Infinera provides detailed information about how the deployment of comprehensive C+L systems could help to enhance network capacity and improve performance.

Network operators are faced with the pressing need to expand their fibre capacity to meet growing customer demands. One solution that has been gaining traction is the deployment of comprehensive conventional band plus long wavelength band (C+L) systems. By tapping into the previously untapped L band, operators could potentially double the amount of available spectrum, paving the way for enhanced capacity and improved network performance. 

Traditionally, capacity has relied on the C band, which provides 4.8 terahertz of spectrum. However, as the Shannon limit approaches for optical engine spectral efficiency, significant improvements in fibre capacity become increasingly challenging. This limitation has prompted the exploration of the L band, a less tapped resource that could potentially double the available spectrum.

Who should download this application note?

Designers and planners and anyone who selects the optical equipment for networks, and wants to know more about how to expand the total amount of spectrum on the fibre by adding the L-band.

Why download this application note?

This application note:

  • Provides information about how the fibre spectrum could be doubled with C+L
  • Outlines some of the practical challenges, particularly surrounding SRS tilt, involved with incorporating the L-band
  • Advises how the Infinera FlexILS C+L Line Systems could help operators to overcome some of these challenges

What is FlexILS and how can it help with the deployment of C+L bands to increase network capacity?

Infinera’s FlexILS provides a comprehensive C+L toolkit that enables it to address the key challenges of C+L: both the economic challenges related to high up-front cost and the technical challenges related to SRS tilt. It supports C-band line systems that are in-service upgradable to C+L.

Together with ICE6-enabled L-band Xponders, FlexILS can help network operators to deploy a C+L solution that enables up to 80+ Tb/s with fast recovery, while also benefiting from automation and cost-effective in-service upgrades from C to C+L.

In addition, Infinera’s C+L solution is evolving to Super C + Super L, providing a path to 100+ Tb/s, leveraging the GX Series optical line system and ICE7-enabled Xponders.


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