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CES 2024: Startup launched to provide smart home-as-a-service platform

OliverIQ company leadership - pictured from left to right: Eric Smith, Co-Founder & CTO; Glen Mella, CRO; Will West, Co-Founder and CEO

OliverIQ company leadership - pictured from left to right: Eric Smith, Co-Founder & CTO; Glen Mella, CRO; Will West, Co-Founder and CEO (Credit: OliverIQ)

Startup, OliverIQ has made its official launch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, debuting its smart home-as-a-service (SHaaS) platform. 

This platform offers a subscription model with unlimited support and a user-friendly app for control and automation of today's smart home devices.

Partnering with national and global service providers, OliverIQ aims to scale its SHaaS platform rapidly, offering product support, online and phone support, in-home assistance, and security system monitoring. This model means that OliverIQ's SHaaS platform could simplify smart home device interoperability. 

Smart home-as-a-service

The SHaaS model is designed to address the kinds of complexities and maintenance challenges that can be associated with smart home setups. Consumers no longer need to navigate the cumbersome process of integrating multiple devices or managing ongoing maintenance, as OliverIQ can handle everything from setup, automation, software updates, to troubleshooting – all via the app.

OliverIQ operates on a subscription-based business model that is paid through the service provider. The platform communicates with the connected devices in the home through a multiprotocol platform, which can be embedded in the service provider's router, cable box, or other devices. OliverIQ will also offer a sub-$100 standalone multi-protocol hub that can be added into home systems where another hardware device for embedding OliverIQ is not present.

What are the benefits to ISPs?

Through its service provider partners, the startup is building the scale to support homes in the U.S. The company believes that service has always been the crucial missing piece for a successful smart home experience, and so is partnering with regional and national providers to provide virtual and in-home support. This scale keeps per-customer costs low, making home automation a more affordable option for everyone.

Will West, CEO and cofounder of OliverIQ says: "Until now, no one company has been able to integrate and support the entire spectrum of smart home devices. OliverIQ helps its partners fill the gaps, becoming full-service home automation heroes in the eyes of their customers. We're creating sticky relationships between homeowners and service providers. Customers won't give up their smart home for a slightly lower monthly Internet bill. With OliverIQ, today's leading in-home service providers have a powerful platform for selling, servicing, and delivering high-demand solutions throughout today's connected homes."

Eric Smith, CTO and cofounder of OliverIQ says: "With OliverIQ, we're breaking down the barriers in the smart home. Our platform is designed to bring the convenience and lifestyle of a fully automated home to a broader audience at an affordable price point, with at-your-service technical support.”

OliverIQ’s SHaaS platform can be found at CES booth #51932 in the Venetian Expo.


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