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County Broadband connects 6,200 Sudbury premises to fibre optic broadband

County Broadband has completed the build of its FTTH network in Sudbury

County Broadband has completed the build of its FTTH network in Sudbury (Credit: County Broadband)

East of England rural fibre optic network provider County Broadband has completed the build of its gigabit-capable full-fibre infrastructure in Sudbury in Suffolk, UK.

A total of approximately 6,200 premises have been connected to the fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) infrastructure as part of the multi-million-pound large-scale infrastructure build work across the market town.

Gigabit-capable internet speeds for Sudbury residents

The new large-scale full-fibre broadband infrastructure can provide speeds of up to 1,000Mb/s which is 11 times quicker than current copper superfast networks, and there is the potential to be  upgraded to 10,000Mb/s in the future.

In total, County Broadband is designing, building and deploying full-fibre broadband in more than 250 villages and market towns across the East of England, backed by a combined £146m of private investment from Aviva Investors, to help provide reliable access to modern online services in response to rising demand in rural and remote areas.

County Broadband community support

The provider has also committed to the town by extending its sponsorship of Sudbury Rugby Club for the rest of the current 2023/24 season. This includes stadium board advertising, individual player sponsorship, and matchday programme full page support. In addition, the Club will receive a £50 donation each time a resident or local business connects to County Broadband’s full-fibre network and mentions the Club as a referral, under County Broadband’s Recommend a Neighbour scheme.

James Salmon, Director of Corporate Development at County Broadband, said: “We are pleased to complete our full fibre network build in the historic Suffolk market town of Sudbury which will benefit from the unrivalled network reliability and significantly faster gigabit speeds that the new infrastructure provides.

“As a community provider that prides itself on its commitment to engage closely with local leaders, residents and businesses across our network, we are also pleased to be working with local sports clubs and the town council on upcoming exciting events. This vital community engagement will enable us to continue to provide on-the-ground support where it’s needed across the town.”


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