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Musselburgh, Scotland gains £15.3m new fibre broadband investment

Netomnia’s full-fibre network expands to Musselburgh

Netomnia’s full-fibre network expands to Musselburgh

More than 51,000 homes and businesses in Musselburgh and the surrounding areas will soon be able to access to full-fibre gigabit capable broadband from Netomnia.

Netomnia was founded in 2019 by Jeremy Chelot, former CEO of Community Fibre with a goal of reaching one million premises. It has raised hundreds of millions in financing to accelerate its build, the most recent from a group of six bank lenders, comprised of HSBC UK, ING, NIBC, RBC, Standard Chartered, and UKIB. The company also recently passed more than 500,000 homes and businesses as part of its full-fibre rollout, while its internet service provider (ISP) sister company, YouFibre is now serving more than 40,000 customers on its exclusively XGS PON fibre infrastructure. In this latest development, the network will provide faster broadband access to more than 51,000 premises in Musselburgh, as part of a £15.3m investment in the area.

Zoltan Kovacs, Managing Director at Netomnia, says: “We are fully committed to creating a digital landscape where residents and businesses in Musselburgh and the surrounding communities can access reliable and superfast broadband. We want to empower them by eliminating the digital barriers that have constrained them until this point, providing them with seamless connectivity. Our vision is a future where reliable internet access is not a luxury but a fundamental right. People across Musselburgh will now be able to access significantly increased speeds, allowing them to fully leverage the vast resources and opportunities offered by the Internet. This will be a game-changer for many.”


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