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DZS reveals new senior leadership team

DZS has announced the consolidation of its acquired brands under DZS and its new senior leadership team and organizational structure designed to accelerate globalization of its groundbreaking innovations. 

Additionally, the company outlined its going forward vision and strategy under the direction of newly appointed president and CEO Charlie Vogt. ‘I’ve never seen a market teeming with more opportunities than we are seeing right now with the confluence of 5G and next-generation fiber access technologies, the proliferation of IOT and cloud virtualization, and the transformation enabled by software defined networking and orchestration,’ said Vogt. 

‘Sitting squarely in the middle of this sea change is DZS, a company uniquely positioned to capitalize on the promise of these favorable technology trends, including the fixed and mobile broadband investments being made by Rural America supported by the $20bn Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) and the 5G stimulus programs globally. A market leader in next-generation broadband access technologies, and partnered with many of the world’s most innovative companies such as Rakuten and its disruptive, open vRAN 5G (virtualized Radio Access Network), DZS has the ingredients to revolutionize the broadband access and enterprise LAN markets.’

The ability for DZS to capture its expanding marketing opportunity is built on four technology pillars – 1) 5G transport and connectivity, 2) next-generation fiber access including 10gig PON, 3) passive optical LAN for enterprises, and 4) connected premises. 

The new management team is composed of leaders who have been technology disruptors and pioneers in broadband access, mobility and cloud. These include:

  • Tom Cancro, chief financial officer – former GE and Verizon 

  • Philip Yim, chief technology officer – former Allied Telesis, Turin Networks, AFC, and Siemens

  • Daniel Won, chief product officer – former DASAN Solutions, LG and Cisco

  • Keith Nauman, SVP of global services – former AT&T

  • Jay Hilbert, EVP, Americas sales – former Nokia, Commscope, Cambium and Rignet

  • Kai Uebach, EVP, EMEA sales – former Siemens Mobile Networks, Golden Towers BTS and Telecel

  • Jun Bahk, EVP, Asia sales – former British Telecom and Korea Telecom

  • Geoff Burke, chief marketing officer – former Calix, Motorola/Next Level and Broadband Forum

Other key leaders include Mitch Flemming, North America sales, former Adtran, Calix, Ciena; Seung Dong Lee, chief architect, former Dasan Solutions; Jerry Lee, chief integration officer, former PWC, Accenture and IBM; Eric Mackey, vice president of sales operations, former HPE, Imagine Communications and Ribbon Communications; Michael Siebke, chief information officer, former Keymile; and Laura Larsen-Misunas, chief people officer, former Zhone and Ascend Communications.

‘We are very fortunate and thrilled to have Charlie take the helm at DZS to maximize the global potential of our innovative portfolio and expertise across a rapidly expanding broadband world,’ said Phillip Yim, chief technology officer. ‘Our leadership team is 110% behind Charlie’s vision and commitment to a unified, customer-obsessed culture. We are embracing a unique window of opportunity to enable skyrocketing broadband traffic, disruptive and innovative applications and evolving business models. Charlie’s management style and industry experience has the team and company enthusiastic about the future.’


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