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Fibre Yearbook 2024 is out now!

Fibre Yearbook 2024

Fibre Yearbook 2024 is out now

The team behind Fibre Systems magazine is excited to bring you the fifth edition of our Fibre Yearbook. Readers with great memories may remember that the very first Fibre Yearbook was optimistically launched at the end of 2019, to last the entirety of 2020 and have a presence at all of the industry events that year! 

Happily, despite the unavoidable pause in face-to-face industry events and as we’ve moved back towards the “old normal” Fibre Yearbook has found its place as an essential companion for optical communications professionals and we are very excited that this issue is scheduled to make an appearance at the key industry events of 2024. 

The years since the first yearbook launched have served to demonstrate just how essential high-speed, reliable connectivity is for people’s everyday lives, and with the critical need for more high-capacity networks, full-fibre has become more widely recognised as the best – and arguably, only – viable solution. But, of course, the industry still has its challenges. Cost, logistics, politics, associated technology, fibre supply, and installation skill requirements are just some of the things still affecting network builds, and the industry is working hard to overcome these issues. There will be a huge appetite for higher service levels as subscribers increase, and even more varied product ranges will be an important development. Operators will also need to be able to adapt their networks for digital as more intelligent networks emerge with software innovations, automation, next generation coherent optics and other innovations. 

What to expect in the Fibre Yearbook 2024

The Fibre Yearbook includes opinions from leading names in optical communications on what the biggest issues and opportunities will be over the next 12 months, and how, as an industry, we can resolve, or indeed capitalise on these. 

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Features and analysis

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A round-up of the key news stories from the past 12 months

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What is the state of play for FTTH deployments in Europe and America, and what needs to be done in the next 12 months to meet each markets’ ambitious targets? Two industry experts offer their views

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Dave Brown, OIF Director of Communications, Nokia, and Nathan Tracy, OIF President TE Connectivity discuss the future of interoperable optical networking technologies in 2024 and beyond

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Peter Jones, Ethernet Alliance Chair (Cisco) and Sam Johnson, Ethernet Alliance HSN Co-Chair (Intel) discuss why Ethernet is a success 50 years in the making

Building networks for a green connected future

How the optical communications industry is playing its part in a green connected future

Sponsored:  Making a connection to sustainable networks

Simplifying the optical network build could lead to other operational advantages, including space savings and a reduction in power consumption

A very good year for the optical transport market

Jimmy Yu, Vice President at industry analyst firm Dell’Oro, offers a review of the market for optical transport equipment over the last 12 months, and previews what we can expect in 2024 and beyond

Industry forecast: Shining a light on transmission optics

Vladimir Kozlov, Founder and CEO at LightCounting shares his view of the optical market, with particular emphasis on transmission, and provides a snapshot of what we might expect in 2024

How to bridge the telecoms skills gap

Charlotte Goodwill, CEO at The Institute of Telecommunications Professionals discusses why apprenticeships are the catalyst for skill development and diversity

Building skills: The journey of the learner

A new strategic training model could lead to a continuous skilling of the telecoms workforce, explains Robin Fenton, vice president of membership and learning operations at SCTE

Supercharging the transition to service-led broadband

The broadband industry is transitioning from basic connectivity to intelligent, services-led networks. Craig Thomas, Vice President Strategic Marketing and Business Development at Broadband Forum shares his thoughts on what is driving this transition

The road ahead for optical network technology

Which optical communications technologies will be big business in 2024?

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