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Fujikura Europe launches FTTx splicer for faster, better performance

Fujikura 45S FTTx cladding alignment splicer

Fujikura's new 45S FTTx cladding alignment splicer

Fujikura Europe has launched the 45S, a small, high-performance fusion splicer that is designed to deliver a 30% reduction in operational cycle time compared to its predecessor.  

The 45S  FTTx cladding alignment splicers can simplify and speed-up the complete splice process compared to the 41S+ it replaces, this is thanks to simultaneous fibre preparation. Dual stripping of 250μm fibres is achieved with the SS05 fibre stripper, while the CT50 cleaver benefits from a new dual fibre adaptor plate which enables the simultaneous cleaving. 

What are the benefits of the 45S to fibre network engineers and installers?

Thanks to a new mechanism, the 45S makes it fast and easy to load two fibres at the same time. When left and right fibres are set in base of the sheath clamp, the setting mechanism responds to pressure from the operator’s fingers and causes the sheath clamp lids to close automatically – eliminating the need to close the clamps manually with a free hand. Once splicing is complete, the sheath clamps open with the wind protector.

This 45S’ heater has also been improved. The average heating time for a 60mm sleeve is 22 seconds, a figure which drops to 17 seconds for a slim 60mm sleeve (both times depend on environmental conditions). The end result for the user is completion of splicing operations with higher degrees of efficiency. Users can also benefit from the long-lasting battery, which ensures uninterrupted operation for up to 230 splice and heat cycles.

Thanks to an increased Z-stroke range, the 45S automatically corrects the position of the fibre if it is slightly misplaced, which simplifies fibre loading while eliminating potential errors and contributing to low loss results. Meanwhile, the compact cube shape of the 45S offers a smaller footprint, supporting ease of use in confined working environments and the 45S’s movable LCD monitor ensures better visibility in all environments.

Neil Bessant, Fujikura Europe’s Fusion Splicer Divisional Manager, says: "We are excited to introduce the 45S, a breakthrough splicer exemplifying our commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Fibre engineers can expect high-quality splicing, superior performance, and an overall improved operation compared to the 41S+. With its small footprint, exceptional speed, and unparalleled ease of use through forward-thinking design, the 45S is leading the way when it comes to cladding alignment splicers.”


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