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The latest FTTH installation equipment for 2024

Fusion splicers splicing the fibre optic cables

Fusion splicers splicing the fibre optic cables together by melting and fusing the ends (Credit: Noiz Stocker/

Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) operators and installers use a multitude of network equipment and tools to deploy and install fibre optic networks. Common installation equipment used in FTTH installations includes the single- or multi-mode fibre optic cables themselves and the optical network terminals (ONTs), that connect the network to the customer's premises.

When it comes to handling the fibre itself, splicers are used to join the ends. These can be mechanical, or fusion splicers, which splice the fibre optic cables together by melting and fusing the ends. Cable pullers and tensioners are used to install fibre optic cables through ducts or conduits, while cable blowing machines are used for installations in microducts. Installers also use tools to strip and cut fibre optic cables during installation, and cleaning kits ensure that connectors and splicing achieve optimal performance.

Fibre connectors are used to link the fibres in order to transmit light signals. Connectors such as SC, LC, ST, or other types, depending on the network design, can be pre-terminated or field-terminated. Fibre optic patch panels are used to organise and manage fibre optic connections in a central location, while a frame or enclosure houses fibre optic connections, providing a central point for network distribution.

There are also a number of test and measurement tools used for installation purposes including fibre optic tests – which use optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR), optical spectrum analysers, fibre test systems, attenuators and inspection probes. As well as these, there are separate tools available for copper testing, network protocol testing, home network testing and broadband testing.

FTTH installation equipment on the market now

FTTH installation equipment vendors include AFL, which provides a number of products for network installation, including fibre optic cables, connectors, fusion splicers, and test equipment.

Anritsu specialises in test and measurement equipment, including tools for optical fibre and cable testing in FTTH networks. 

CommScope offers a variety of fibre optic and access solutions, including cables, connectors, and closures for FTTH deployments. The company’s portfolio is designed to encompass everything an operator might need for installation works, from the central office and head-end through the outside plant to the home, business or cell site.

As well as its range of fibre optic cables, Corning also supplies FTTH installation accessories accessories including cable fibre access tools, tool kits, polishing film, cleaning accessories, and replacement pieces for previously purchased tool kits. A range of hardware solutions is also available to fit a project’s cabling needs. Operators can select from racks, panels, modules, splice trays, and other structured cabling components.

Available from Exfo is a range of test and measurement equipment for fibre networks. This includes field testing fibre optic cables to measure performance, and inspection solutions to help technicians and engineers assess and rectify issues. The company also provides handheld optical fibre multimeters (OFMs) to do quick measurements of multiple key optical parameters and optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs).

Fujikura offers fusion splicers, fibre optic cables, and accessories for FTTH and other optical network applications. The company’s passive optical products and connectivity solutions have been used by telecom operators, contractors, governments and academia for decades.

HellermannTyton offers a variety of products and solutions for cable management, connectivity, and network infrastructure, including those relevant to FTTH installations. Products include fibre optic enclosures, connectors and adaptors, patch panels, cable management products, FTTH drop cable accessories, termination tools, labelling solutions and more.

Huber + Suhner’s range of products for FTTH installations are designed to support the organisation of fibre connections and building a future-ready system. The company’s dedicated structured cabling solutions help to enable flexible, modular and intuitive systems that are easy to operate, maintain, and upgrade. 

Inno Instrument is a manufacturer, supplier, and provider of products and services for fibre optic network installation. The company specialises in fusion splicers, with a range of splicing machines available for different types of fibre optic cables. Inno also provides tools and accessories and test and measurement equipment for FTTH installation.

Jonard Tools manufactures more than 125 fibre optic tools and offers a range of kits for the fibre optics industry. Also available is a large range of fibre optic testers specifically designed for the fibre optics industry. In addition, 25 different fibre optic tool kits are available, each of which was assembled to give fibre optic technicians the tools they would need to take on a range of projects in one place.

Prysmian is known as one of the world’s largest cable manufacturers, delivering cable solutions to network operators for more than 150 years. But it is not just the cables. The company offers a suite of connectivity solutions, including racks, joints, wall boxes, customer termination boxes and pre-connectorised products such as indoor, outdoor, CoEx and high-density products.

Senko Advanced Components specialises in fibre optic interconnect solutions that can enable complex systems to transmit information from one location of the network to another. The company’s product range includes ONTs, drops assembly connectors, drop terminals, patch panels in FDH, splitters, FDH connectors, distribution fibre connectors and cleaning products.

Sticklers provides a variety of portable cleaning tools, designed for use on the go. The company’s latest Pro360 Touchless Cleaner is designed to remove oils and dust all the way to the ferrule edge of both male and female connector ends. The Coanda spray nozzle dispenses a micro-dose of atomised, high-purity cleaning fluid within a narrow column of pressurised air onto the fibre optic connector end face, so the microscopic contamination is removed as the cleaning fluid evaporates.

Viavi Solutions offers test and measurement solutions that can support complex PON and FTTx networks. Its products can be used throughout the planning, construction, activation and maintenance of FTTx networks to accurately verify and monitor service quality indicators. The company’s handheld fibre testing solutions are designed for PON activation, maintenance and troubleshooting, while its OTDR technology can enable detailed fibre testing and characterisation for FTTx and PON network certification.

This is not an exhaustive list. If you provide installation solutions for FTTH networks and would like your company to be included, please let us know: 

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