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Long-haul networks special edition is now released

Fibre Systems Long-haul network issue 2024

The latest edition of Fibre Systems is available digitally now

Long-haul systems keep our world connected and this special digital edition of Fibre Systems, exclusive to registrants to our content around the world, is launched today.

In the issue, we reveal the key factors that go into designing and planning a long-haul network. Operators reveal the tips that can make a project a success. Maintaining those networks can be quite a challenge so we look at what is proving most effective, and what happens when things go wrong.

Two unique Tech Focus specials look at products from companies that offer support for submarines, and products that will help operators improving their monitoring. 

Seacom’s Prenesh Padayachee discusses the delivery of subsea cables systems in Africa and how these networks might change over the next five years, and we have a special feature on research that could lead to higher capacity submarine cables, reduced cost per transmitted bit, and more efficient connectivity.

Infinera also offers unique perspective on the logistical challenges behind one of the largest-scale subsea cable upgrades. It is another strong package of content from a brand committed to understanding the developments driving one of the most dynamic technology industries in the world today.

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