Sundbybergs Stadsnät selects Digpro for increased control of fibre network

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - Digpro, has been chosen by Sundbybergs Stadsnät, a Swedish municipality’s local fibre network, to provide the geographic information system dpCom. With this solution in place, Sundbybergs Stadsnät will increase its control of the network with improved documentation.

Sweden's most populated municipality, Sundbybergs Stad, offers all its citizens a local, open fibre network via Sundbybergs Stadsnät. The company offers Internet, TV and telephony as well as most broadband services and is available to all residents in the municipality.


Digpro to supply dpCom for Swedish municipality fibre networks

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN –Digpro, has been chosen by Vansbro Municipality in Sweden to provide the geographic information system dpCom for its fibre networks. With Digpro’s dpCom installed, Vansbro Municipality can better cooperate with other municipal network owners in the immediate area.

With the new system installed, the municipality will be able to create better cooperation with more municipal network owners in its vicinity in the region. In addition, they will also get an increased overview of their fibre network, streamlined workflows and better documentation.


Three Swedish towns coordinate fibre network build with Digpro

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Digpro, the major innovator in the field of Geographic IT and Network Lifecycle Management, has been selected to provide the three Swedish neighbouring municipalities Dorotea, Åsele and Vilhelmina with the geographic information system dpCom for their fiber networks. With one system installed the three neighbouring municipalities can interact and learn from each other.


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