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New Frontiers: Innovative, Cleanable Fibre Optic Connectivity Solutions for Rugged Environments

Fibre optic infrastructures are becoming more widespread in a number of markets and applications. These include simple point-to-point security systems, Ethernet mesh networks and high-performance, high-bandwidth video transport and switching systems for the A/V and broadcast markets. As this fibre infrastructure spreads, a variety of fibre interconnect solutions are evolving to meet new needs. These may be as simple as fibre connectors for direct connectivity to patch panels or transmission equipment, or as complex as multi-fibre connectors used in rugged, hostile outdoor environments.

Staying Ahead of the Data Tsunami: Fibre Optic Connectivity for Flawless Performance in Harsh Environments

Demand for data is growing exponentially, piling pressure on networks to deliver more data, faster, over longer distances. Fibre optic systems have revolutionised data transfer and information gathering, but in complex applications like energy they require premium optical performances to work flawlessly. Choosing the right connector and cable combination is therefore crucial to staying ahead. Fischer Connectors partners with its customers worldwide to design innovative fibre optic solutions that meet new needs for reliability, high performance and ease of use. The Fischer FiberOptic Series ensures high optical stability in any application and environment, combined with easy mating and cleaning.

Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors (booth 3807) will highlight its rugged fibre-optic interconnects, a pre-cabled product designed for maximum link performance. The FiberOptic Series connectors are easy use, clean and maintain even in harsh environments, making them ideal for many demanding applications like energy, sensing, medical devices, defence and security, broadcast, telecom and transportation.

Fiber Optic Sensing: How it Works

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Jacques MiƩville, Project Manager

Fiber optic is the ideal solution to carry large amounts of data over long distances; however, fiber optics can also be used to gather information about the environment. This white paper presents the technical basics behind sensing over fiber technologies, its main applications and the cabling solutions involved. We will discuss the key factors that will help you define the best solution for your cabling needs, in order to have the most reliable and easy-to-maintain system that reduces your maintenance operations.

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