John Guest

New Direct Buried Connectors

John Guest has launched a new range of transparent and robust Direct Buried Blown Fibre Straight Connectors to ensure successful microduct installations under the toughest conditions.

John Guest

John Guest, inventors of the fi rst push-fi t fi tt ing for blown fi bre and cable pressurisation systems, have been delivering high-speed internet to millions of homes and offices for over three decades. Their latest innovation – the Direct Buried transparent connector - is a robust industry first fitting with 30J impact resistance. Learn more at

Blown fibre fittings

John Guest’s blown fibre fittings have been specially designed for the telecommunications market, for use in local loop, network and customer box applications. The extensive range of push-fit connectors covers both blown fibre and cable pressurisation systems and includes gas and water block fittings. The simple to use connectors help ensure that installations can be completed quickly and reliably.

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