Laser Components UK

Laser Components

We have a range of fibre optic products to provide solutions, ranging from connectors to state-of-the art active/passive components such as switches, connectors, attenuators, splitters and couplers. Our portfolio includes test instruments powermeters, loss sets and OTDRs for MM/SM standard and out of band wavelength testing.

DDPCA current amplifiers

Laser Components UK has released a range of current amplifiers that are available from ultra low noise (0.18 fA/√Hz), high band width (400kHz) and high gain (10E13V/A). Designed with a small modular construction these current amplifiers are ideal for both lab and OEM applications. With many models to choose from, all applications needs can be met, including photodetection with PMTs and photodiodes, spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, ionisation detectors and capacitative (pyro, piezo) detectors.

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