DDPCA current amplifiers

Laser Components UK has released a range of current amplifiers that are available from ultra low noise (0.18 fA/√Hz), high band width (400kHz) and high gain (10E13V/A). Designed with a small modular construction these current amplifiers are ideal for both lab and OEM applications. With many models to choose from, all applications needs can be met, including photodetection with PMTs and photodiodes, spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, ionisation detectors and capacitative (pyro, piezo) detectors.

These modules are small and offer short electrical connections to the detector before the signal-to-noise ratio significantly decreases due to cable capacitance and noise pickup.

The DLPCA-200 has a transimpedance gain switchable from 1 x 10^3 to 1 x 10^11 V/A with a bandwidth of DC to 500KHz. It has adjustable bias voltage and adjustable offset and switchable AC/DC coupling and switchable upper cut-off for DC measurements.

The DHPCA-100 has a transimpedance gain switchable from 1 x 10^2 to 1 x 10^8 V/A with a bandwidth of DC to 200MHz.

The DDPCA-300 has a transimpedance gain switchable from 1 x 10^4 to 1 x 10^13 V/A for sub-fA to mA measurements, with a bandwidth of DC to 400Hz.


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