Glass-sealed 'feedthru'

Ametek, a provider of underwater cable and connector solutions for military and commercial applications, has developed the technology to produce a glass-sealed fibre optic 'feedthru' (FOFT) for extreme high-pressure, high-temperature applications.

Ametek says it developed the FOFT to meet the harsh downhole environments encountered in the drilling and completion of oil and gas wells, and customers have qualified it for 30,000 psi and 300 degrees C.  The FOFT is currently configured for one to eight fibres in a 0.375-inch housing that can be welded or coupled with a standard high-pressure fitting.  The FOFT also has been miniaturised to fit a high-pressure, high-temperature connector. 
This rugged, high-performance fibre optic feedthru is constructed of low outgassing materials and configurable with standard single-mode and multi-mode fibres. It conveniently interfaces with standard 3/8-inch high-pressure fittings and is available in a variety of optional end terminations, including bare, stripped, SMA, ST, FC, APC and custom ferrules.

Ametek's process produces a hermetic seal between an optical fibre and a metal super alloy with a proprietary seal glass. The result is a durable compression seal that can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. The connector’s robust construction also makes it highly resistant to corrosion and chemical attack.


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