3SAE offers micro-diameter soft-glass splicing services

3SAE Technologies, a provider of advanced fibre-optic preparation tools and glass processing equipment, announced today the expansion of its custom and standard fibre splicing and glass processing services and the addition of a new proprietary splicing service for soft-glass micro-fiber diameters ranging from 80µm to less than 25µm.

Traditional telecom preparation and splicing tools have largely proven incompatible with the small size and flexible nature of micro-diameter fibres and have required costly customisation to achieve marginal compatibility, explained Clyde Troutman, engineering manager for 3SAE.

"Our engineering team specialises in the development and production of proprietary stripping, cleaving and splicing technologies to overcome these application specific hurdles," said Troutman. "We’ve been successfully splicing difficult, soft-glass micro fibres for key clients for several years now."

Along with the new micro-diameter, soft-glass processing service, 3SAE provides the most comprehensive scope of specialized fibre and glass-processing services available today - providing full service from beginning to end, from proof of concept to qualification and to production.

3SAE develops, patents, and manufactures the majority of the equipment used in its production labs and clients see the direct benefit in high-quality, cost-effective deliverables provided in a timely manner. Services can range in complexity from standard SMF/PM spliced assemblies to process-intensive optical components such as fused fibre bundles, optical combiners, mode field adapters, end caps, ball lenses, fibre attenuators, soft glass and micro-diameter fusion splicing.

In addition, 3SAE supports clients in all stages of development and production, helping them achieve the most efficient and cost-effective path forward. This can include services for research and development, proof of concept, prototyping and low volume production where an initial capital investment in glass processing equipment is not yet warranted. In all cases, 3SAE enables its clients to continue their critical path development and accelerate their time to market.


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