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ADVA Optical Networking successful in EANTC interoperability tests

Multi-Vendor Showcase Highlights Openness of NFV and Synchronization Technology

PARIS, FRANCE -- ADVA Optical Networking announced today that the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) has verified the interoperability of key products in its demarcation and synchronization portfolio. The NETCONF/YANG and the OpenFlow interface of the ADVA FSP 150 Carrier Ethernet demarcation technology were proven in a multi-vendor interoperability showcase. ADVA Optical Networking was also successful in trials of its synchronization equipment. In various use cases, its

OSA 5421 grandmaster clocks and OSA 5401 Syncplug™ were thoroughly tested. Their capability to deliver accurate frequency and phase information as well as synchronization assurance while operating with other vendors was verified. EANTC, the internationally recognized test center, unveiled the results of its vendor-neutral network interoperability trials at MPLS + SDN + NFV WORLD CONGRESS 2016 in Paris.

“Putting our equipment through EANTC’s rigorous tests underlines our commitment to openness and interoperability. The results prove that our technology gives service providers license to mix and match. Our FSP 150, OSA 5421 and OSA 5401 offer total freedom to create best-in-breed solutions,” said Ulrich Kohn, director, technical marketing, ADVA Optical Networking. “We don’t believe customers should be stuck in inflexible single vendor islands or have to undergo cumbersome network integration with proprietary interfaces. The increasing focus on NFV and SDN makes open interfaces and standardized protocols even more essential. And, as NETCONF/YANG gains momentum, we want to show the advanced state of integration of this protocol with our network demarcation technology, which is optimized for SDN- and NFV-centric networks.”

By participating in EANTC’s tests, ADVA Optical Networking and other telecommunication suppliers are ensuring that customers can leverage the benefits of an open approach to designing, implementing and operating multi-vendor networks. While proprietary interfaces limit the ability of network operators to select the best technology on the market, ADVA Optical Networking builds its solutions on modular components and assures interoperability. With its proven implementation of NETCONF/YANG, the ADVA FSP 150 is a truly future-proofed solution – an edge virtualization device that offers openness, assurance and security for NFV-centric networks. The tests also demonstrate how its latest innovations can interoperate effectively with major radio access network suppliers to deliver precise phase and frequency information over last-mile networks.

“Synchronization is a key concern for mobile operators as they look to introduce advanced next-generation services. Migrating to LTE-TDD and LTE-A networks demands phenomenally accurate frequency and phase information,” commented Christoph Glingener, CTO, ADVA Optical Networking. “For service providers, upgrading existing infrastructure by using Assisted Partial Timing Support (G.8275.2) as an overlay solution is the most cost-efficient route to leveraging the benefits of the latest innovations in mobile technology. That’s why interoperability is crucial. There can be no doubt – to access the incredibly accurate phase delivery that radio base stations need, our technology must be able to operate with other vendors’ equipment. Success in these EANTC tests shows that we can assure performance in tomorrow’s networks and play a key role in helping operators realize the full potential of their existing assets.”


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