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Coriant Groove G30 powers INEX internet exchange backbone

Coriant announced that INEX, the Internet peering point for Ireland, has deployed the Groove G30 Network Disaggregation Platform in its backbone network, including 100G interconnect services, to optimise its network as internet exchange traffic continues to grow.

Founded in 1996, INEX serves more than 118 members from points of presence in six data centres in the Dublin region and a regional Internet exchange in Cork, which opened last year. INEX currently has more than one terabit of connected capacity and about 300 petabytes of traffic flowed over the exchange in 2016.

The new network deployment, which went live this month, will enable INEX to scale its backbone capacity and secure high-speed service connectivity with optical layer encryption while reducing capital and operations costs.

“As 100G technology has matured and improved, a viable data centre interconnect product that gives the long-term cost savings a maturing market demands has been awaited,” said Nick Hilliard, chief technology officer of INEX. “After a thorough review of options on the market, the Coriant Groove G30 gave INEX the confidence to deploy what we see as a long-term scalable platform enabling us to provide services to our Internet exchange members well into the future.”

The ultra-low power consumption, high-density systems architecture, and operational simplicity of Coriant’s Groove G30 platform were important factors in the decision.

Secure communications are imperative to the INEX service for members, Hilliard added. “The Groove G30 combines robust encryption capabilities with an ultra-dense and scalable design that will assist us in providing faster, more reliable, and secure low latency peering services to our member community, as their needs evolve,”  he said.

Widely deployed in the most demanding data centre interconnect (DCI) and internet exchange point (IXP) networking environments, the Coriant Groove G30 delivers 3.2Tb/s of capacity throughput in a highly compact, power-efficient 1RU form factor. With its plug-and-play modular architecture, the Coriant Groove G30 can be equipped as a muxponder terminal solution and as an open line system (OLS) optical layer (see Coriant gets into the Groove).

“High capacity, power-efficient and low latency IXP connectivity is exactly the type of application that the Groove G30 was designed for, and our work with INEX reflects the continuing success of this purpose-built solution in the global Internet exchange market,” commented Ronald Van der Kraan, managing director, Europe, for Coriant.


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