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Development company formed for Far North Fiber subsea project

The international consortium behind the planned Arctic submarine cable, set up the company to help promote and push the project forward.

The consortium comprises Finnish network solutions provider Cinia, alongside Far North Digital, from the USA and Japanese infrastructure firm, Arteria Networks. Nokia-owned Alcatel Submarine Networks was selected as the main designer of the system and implementation project. The planned submarine cable will connect the data networks of Asia and Europe via the Arctic region.

The newco, Far North Fiber, Inc, is planning a new submarine cable system, the goal of which is to implement a fast and secure connection between Scandinavia and Japan using the Northwest Passage. The new submarine cable system is estimated to be ready for use at the end of 2026 and will cost around €1.1bn. 

Ari-Jussi Knaapila, CEO at Cinia says: "Far North Fiber is the first cable system passing through the Arctic region that connects several continents. It offers opportunities for economic development, improving international security and a greener future in the form of a global digital infrastructure.”

Koji Kabumoto, CEO at Arteria Networks adds: "I am happy to be part of this journey, as the project is expected to promote the development of digital societies in Japan and Asia in many different fields, such as industry, academia and the cultural sector.”

Far North Digital's COO Guy Houser concludes: "Far North Fiber represents a unique partnership. The project will improve the infrastructure of the Arctic region, enable scientific research of the environment along the route, and build closer relationships with interconnected regions and communities."


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