Full-fibre connections now available to 12.4 million UK households

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Image credit: Ofcom

UK communications regulator, Ofcom has released its annual Connected Nations report.  Amongst its findings, the study, which measures the availability of broadband and mobile services across the UK, found that full-fibre connections are now available to 12.4 million households (42%) – an increase of 4.3 million from last year. In addition, gigabit-capable broadband through a range of technologies is now available to 70% of the UK (nearly 21 million homes). This is an increase of 47% from last year. 

However, the report went on to state that only around 25% of households are taking up full-fibre where it is available to them. Meanwhile, the vast majority (97%) of UK homes can now access “superfast” broadband, which provides download speeds of at least 30Mb/s; although more than a quarter (27%) have not taken it up. 

In addition, according to the report, nearly 80,000 homes and businesses (0.3%) do not have access to ‘decent’ broadband, defined by the government as offering download speeds of 10Mb/s and upload speeds of 1Mb/s. Many of these are in the hardest-to-reach parts of the UK. This figure has fallen from 123,000 last year, and Ofcom estimates that a further 15,000 of these premises will be covered by publicly-funded rollout schemes in the next 12 months.

Satellite broadband was cited in the report as an alternative for people who do not have access to traditional broadband services.

Thousands of customers in the UK are now taking low earth orbit satellite broadband services, and the Government recently announced a new trial to deliver high-speed internet to more than a dozen very hard-to-reach locations across the country using satellite.

Lindsey Fussell, Ofcom’s Network and Communications Group Director says: “Millions more people are benefitting from faster, more reliable internet as the rapid rollout of full-fibre broadband continues. That can be particularly important at this time of year, as online shopping peaks and people stream festive favourites. It’s also encouraging to see more people in hard-to-reach areas get access to decent broadband, as work continues to connect rural communities.”

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