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Giganet invests in UK fibre installation training centre

UK ISP, Giganet has opened a full fibre training centre in Whiteley, Hampshire. 

The new facility includes a fully recreated home installation environment, as part of the company’s wider strategy to educate all staff on the work being carried out as part of its plans to bring FTTP broadband to under-served parts of Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and West Sussex.

Backed by a £250m funding from Fern Trading, Giganet has grown over past year, expanding from 25 to 139 employees in the last 10 months. The latest hiring plans are designed to bring the company up to 200 staff members by the end of 2022. With the upcoming launch of its apprentice program, Giganet will be recruiting ongoing engineers over the next few years.



The training centre will provide both new and existing staff from all areas of the business, with opportunities to learn what their technicians and engineers are doing on live sites. Taking advantage of the space created from expanding into newer offices, the building has been split into two. Staff will be able to learn in a replica of the working environment, without any impact on a live customer. With the space designed to emulate the real network in the outside world, the facility helps non-engineering minds to experience a typical working scenario – from laying cables to making repairs, working at ground-level or overhead, and installing supercharged internet services inside customers’ homes. 

Jarlath Finnegan, Giganet CEO, said: ‘To create a dedicated space to train people in our business is invaluable. Our mission is to become the Best ISP in the UK, and to do that we have to be utterly confident that we’re providing the best service possible. The training centre is essential to our apprenticeship program and future hiring plans to give our staff a comprehensive understanding of the equipment we’re installing and the gigabit capability it provides – helping every employee, regardless of department or role, to understand the business and customer better.’

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