Hollow core fibre cable used in first commercial deployment

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Bandwidth infrastructure firm, euNetworks has deployed a new business network in London, based on hollow core fibre technology.

The network runs in the financial district of the UK’s capital, between Interxion, a digital realty company, and the London Stock Exchange. It is designed to provide the kind of significant latency savings demanded by financial trading applications.

For the technology, Lumenisity supplied its CoreSmart cable solution, based on NANF hollow core fibres, in what is thought to be the first commercially available deployment of this technology. It is part of an agreement covering additional deployments over the coming years between trading venues and other locations. 

Recent research has shown that data travels 50 per cent faster in hollow core cable, which in-turn, reduces latency by a third, and provides a round trip saving of 3μs per km. Tony Pearson, business development director said: ‘We’re very pleased to partner with euNetworks to enable them to provide the lowest latency performance to a major trading exchange using our CoreSmart cable. We are excited to be collaborating with such an established carrier and to already have hollow core deployed, carrying traffic as part of this development.’ 

Brady Rafuse, chief executive officer of euNetworks added: ‘We continue to focus on delivering lowest latency services for our customers. We focus on identifying new and innovative technologies that can be deployed on our network to provide the best possible bandwidth solutions. We’re excited to be working with Lumenisity, helping to develop and deploy hollow core fibre. We’re confident that with this technology we can achieve market leading fibre-based latencies much closer to radio frequency systems, without the constraints that are inherently present with those radio frequency solutions.’

Image credit: ThomBal/Shutterstock.com

04 March 2022

Richard Thorpe, chief delivery officer at CityFibre

15 August 2022

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