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San Francisco Bay gains third fully diverse dark fibre route

Bandwidth IG is increasing connectivity capabilities for the San Francisco Bay Area with the expansion of its dark fibre network.

The addition of a third fully diverse route is designed to provide critical fibre infrastructure from Santa Clara in the San Francisco Bay Area to the Great Oaks area of San Jose. It will deliver dark-fibre access to enterprises and data centres in the area.

Bandwidth IG’s San Francisco Bay Area network is currently available at more than 65 data centres in the market. Its dark fibre networks are newly built, 100% underground, and take the most direct route possible, ensuring minimal overlap with incumbent networks.

The network expansion is the latest project from Bandwidth IG in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the last three years, the company has built more than 200 route miles, and plans to build another 90 route miles this year.

Bruce Garrison, CEO at Bandwidth IG says: “With this expansion that connects Santa Clara to San Jose, Bandwidth IG becomes the go-to dark fibre provider with three fully diverse routes between Santa Clara and the Great Oaks area of San Jose. Santa Clara to Great Oaks is one of the most data-centric routes in Silicon Valley. We realised the imperative need of having multiple routes to keep up with demand and to provide true network optionality in the region.”


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