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Dark fibre adds 20,000 fibre miles to Hillsboro, Oregon

U.S. metro dark fibre provider, Bandwidth Infrastructure Group (Bandwidth IG) has expanded its infrastructure to the Greater Portland, Oregon, area. 

The area’s affordable real estate, renewable power sources, proximity to trans-Pacific subsea cables, and local tax incentives have led to an emerging data centre hub that is growing rapidly. 

This activity is increasing demand for data centre connectivity throughout Hillsboro and Greater Portland and will require more dark fibre services to empower the area’s growing IT networks. Dark, or unlit fibre is becoming more widely used in optical communications for private networking, internet access, or internet infrastructure networking. It’s often leased by businesses, allowing them almost complete control over their network infrastructure. 

As with all of its dark fibre networks, Bandwidth IG’s Hillsboro infrastructure is strategically placed to ensure minimal overlap with other networks, ensuring true route diversity. The company’s 100 per cent owned and operated networks are designed to make customisation and scaling for operators in the area easier and faster. 

In Hillsboro, the network is currently connected to 14 data centres, with plans to expand in the immediate term. The company will continue to invest in the Greater Portland area with its dark fibre network infrastructure to serve current and future customers.

Dan Dias, economic and community development director for the City of Hillsboro commented: ‘We’ve worked hard over the last several years to solidify Hillsboro as a community that supports economic growth. Our business advantages attracted nationally renowned companies in various industries, including the technology industry. We understand the quality of work being done requires digital infrastructure that can meet demand, and we’re pleased to develop relationships with companies like Bandwidth IG who can advance our economic development goals with strong dark fibre networks to our business community.’

Jim Nolte, CEO for Bandwidth IG added: ‘We’ve watched the thriving business climate in the Greater Portland area drive demand for dark fibre. We expect our newly placed network to be pivotal to the ongoing success of business growth by providing the quality and quantity of the connections needed between these critical data centres. The rising number of technology companies, enterprises and data centres in the area will require the large cable counts, diversity and low latency that only new networks, like ours, can provide. We’re pleased to bring this quality offering to Greater Portland.’

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