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UNH-IOL launches ONIE Logo Certification Program to promote interoperability in open networking

DURHAM, NH -- The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance services for the networking industry, announced today the availability of a certified Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) Logo Certification Program. The ONIE Tested Logo confirms conformance to the open source initiative enabling a network switch ecosystem that provides end users a choice of network operating systems. Available in the Open Networking Test Services or as a pay-per-test service, recipients of this new logo will be added to the ONIE Tested Integrators List, a central compilation of ONIE compliant solutions.

“As part of the Open Compute Project, ONIE is helping reimagine hardware to make it more efficient, flexible, and scalable. Enabling choice in both hardware and software decisions, it creates a vast ecosystem,” said David Woolf, Senior Engineer, Datacenter Technologies, UNH-IOL. “The UNH-IOL ONIE Tested Logo Program and ONIE Tested Integrators List propel open networking forward by enabling companies to validate their devices through trusted, third-party interoperability testing.”

As the networking industry moves towards a disaggregated model, end users demand the flexibility to use the software and hardware that best meets their needs. ONIE enables a white box network switch ecosystem where end users can choose from a variety of network operating systems. By allowing any operating system to be installed and used on any white box switch, it greatly simplifies the installation and use of a networking operating system. With the availability of multiple software and hardware options and combinations, interoperability is critical for a thriving open ecosystem. As solutions providers move to support ONIE, the UNH-IOL ONIE Tested Logo and ONIE Tested Integrators List provides third-party validation that ensures open, interoperable products.

“ONIE certification offers numerous benefits to end users and hardware vendors. With ONIE certified hardware, end users can procure with confidence, knowing their hardware purchases are ready for mega-scale deployment,” said Curt Brune, Project Lead, ONIE and Principal Engineer, Cumulus Networks. “For hardware vendors, ONIE certification adds an additional level of quality assurance and brand recognition to their hardware offerings.”

“As a provider of open networking solutions, Edgecore understands that supporting ONIE is critical, and demonstrating interoperability is a top priority for the customers,” said Jeff Catlin, VP Technology, Edgecore Networks. “UNH-IOL provides the non-partisan testing to ensure all the pieces of an open networking solution work seamlessly together, giving our customers confidence that our products not only conform to ONIE, but will also be reliable and interoperable in their datacenter.”

Available now as a part of the UNH-IOL Open Networking Test Services or individually as a pay-per-test service, the ONIE Tested Logo and ONIE Tested Integrators List validate interoperability of products.


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