3M releases improved BPEO closures for FTTH installation

3M has launched its latest generation of BPEO splice closures for fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) distribution networks. (BPEO is an abbreviation of boite protection environmental optique, a name that has been known within the industry for more than a decade.)

Providing fast and consistent quality of installation, the new BPEO product family aims to bring FTTH network cabling projects within reach of a far wider range of suppliers, without needing to always depend on highly qualified fibre-optic engineers.

The BPEO closures are designed to enable network operators, installers and contractors to complete large volumes of fibre distribution closures, such as in FTTH deployments where branch and drop fibre installation types are required, often in space-constrained situations.

Using the fully mechanical entry technique, external cable anchoring mechanical (ECAM), cables can be prepared away from the installation point and do not require any additional heat, tapes or resins, meaning that work can be carried out rapidly and with minimal additional equipment. Plus, there is no room for misinterpretation: the engineer can see at a glance if the closure has been successful or not, elininating concerns about installation error or future performance problems.

Furthermore, all closures in the range are designed with re-use in mind. This means new connections, such as drop cables for customer connections or expansion via branch cables, can be carried out with minimal disruption and without the need to replace the closures.

The closure range features a fibre management system with four to 28 slots, depending on the closure size selected, to accommodate splice trays, which can support standard splice techniques as well as passive components such as splitters required in PON architectures.

The range is fully compliant with the IP68 standard, providing a 100 per cent watertight seal and is immediately available in a range of sizes (0, 1, 1.5 and 2) suitable for between 4 and 336 fibre fusion splices.

3M will be demonstrating the BPEO closures at this year’s Broadband World Forum, 20–22 October, in the ExCeL London. 3M is also offering a free BPEO (size 0), as part of its promotion.


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