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The OptiDriver platform

MRV Communications, a provider of innovative packet and optical solutions, has announced The OptiDriver platform, the most recent addition to MRV’s family of advanced optical transport network elements.

The solution offers a feature set that aligns with the current operational needs of data centres and service providers, and provides the flexibility and capacity to support future growth in their network infrastructure.

The OptiDriver platform empowers high-growth cloud connectivity and is engineered to support the latest advances in optical technologies including intelligent ROADM and 100Gbps transport, and features built-in testing and rapid turn-up capabilities. These features allow operators to keep up with network traffic and support revenue-generating applications and services like cloud storage, web hosting services, software defined networking (SDN) and more.

‘MRV is committed to providing our customers with forward-leaning and innovative solutions to address their most complex network issues. With the OptiDriver platform, we are enabling our customers to build a more intelligent network that supports the advanced, bandwidth-rich services that drive new business opportunities,’ said Dave Stehlin, CEO of MRV Communications.


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