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400G ZR modules available for extended data centre environments

NeoPhotonics has announced availability of its extended case temperature QSFP-DD 400G ZR modules.

These modules use the company’s industry coherent optical components, including its silicon photonics coherent optical subassembly (COSA) and low power consumption, ultra-narrow linewidth Nano-ITLA tunable laser.  

Each of these components can be operated over a wide module case temperature range up to 80°C. This enables the modules to be deployed in extended temperature data centre environments, while reducing cooling requirements and fan power.

Tim Jenks, chairman and CEO at NeoPhotonics said: ‘We are pleased to support customers with high performance 400G ZR modules that operate across a wide thermal envelope, without sacrificing optical performance. By utilising our leading high speed coherent components technology and optimising the entire optics suite through in-house design, we are able to favorably benefit data centres’ need to reduce power consumption and improve environmental sustainability.’


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