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AFL Focis Lightning2 multi-fibre optic connector inspection system

AFL’s new Focis Lightning2 multi-fibre optic connector inspection system has been designed to facilitate and streamline fibre connector inspection, enabling service providers, enterprise and data centre operators to efficiently inspect and validate their fibre connectivity.  

Plug-and-play connectorised cabling systems have been instrumental in speeding up and simplifying fibre network deployment; first in hyperscale and enterprise data centres, and now in 5G and FTTx networks. Since contaminated connectors remain one of the primary causes of network failure, the need to rapidly inspect and validate fibre end-faces for cleanliness has become critical. Focis Lightning2 features a self-contained, palm-sized design and one-button operation which make inspecting crowded fibre patch bays quick and easy. A large, high-resolution LCD touch screen improves visibility of MPO and single-fibre connectors for advanced analysis.


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