Tratos, a manufacturer of electrical, electronic and fibre optic cables, has launched the AllWave FLEX and the AllWave FLEX+ bend-optimised single-mode fibre range.

The range has been developed with fibre optic network solutions manufacturer OFS in order to offer customers a solution for any application that requires exceptionally small bend diameters.

Featuring a 200-micron coating, AllWave Fibres occupy 46 per cent less area than conventional 250-micron coated fibres, enabling them to be used in cables with higher fibre counts per tube, and in microcables where cable diameters need to be minimised. The bend-optimised design enables tight, low-loss bends and the coating meets dynamic fatigue characteristics without risking fibre strength, resulting in long-term reliability.

Mirko Gori, area sales manager for Tratos, said: 'The 200-micron Allwave FLEX+ fibres offer enhanced bend performance and low diameter, as well as full compatibility and compliance with the installed base of conventional G.652.D single-mode fibres. This makes them an excellent choice for higher density cables for our customers’ access networks, enterprise networks and high-density fibre-to-the-home applications.'


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