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Attenuation measurement set designed for flexibility

The new attenuation measurement sets from Laser Components contain an optical transmitter (OTM) and a power meter, with which systems engineers and laboratory personnel can evaluate all wavelengths and configurations of hard-clad and plastic optical fibres. 

The kit negates the need for a separate measurement set for each wavelength window (850nm and 660nm for hard-clad fibres) by offering a flexible solution. The LEDs of the light source are contained in an adapter. This allows the OTM to be converted to another wavelength in a few simple steps.

For measurement purposes, the OTM emits a stable optical signal, the power of which is controlled by a modulated current source. The signal is received by the power meter on the other side of the fibre. The attenuation value of the optical fibre is determined by the power difference between the incoming and outgoing signal. The measurement data can be transferred directly into a text or table file via the USB interface. It is also possible to save them on an SD card for later use.

In addition to the two main units, the standard package contains adapters for the wavelengths 660nm and 850nm, as well as for the desired connector. Other wavelengths and connector types are also available upon request.


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