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Cable assembly launched for performance in small spaces

The Nanobend cable assembly from Huber+Suhner has been launched to help industries operating critical operations to benefit from improved connectivity in small spaces. 

Designed for applications in defense, aerospace, and test and measurement markets where space, weight and performance are critical, the product is the latest addition to the company’s Minibend product line.

The entire cable assembly is designed to be flexible and enable tight bending where the cable and connector meet, without compromising on signal strength or stability. Nanobend is suited to frequencies of up to 65GHz, and ensures strength and reliable connectivity in high-stress environments. It is triple shielded to minimise radio frequency leakage, further increasing its durability in extreme conditions. It is also suited to close-quartered situations, as it has an outer cable diameter of only 1.62mm.

Designed to meet Sensor Open System Architecture standards (SOSA), the cable assembly provides plug-and-play capability with existing market solutions, making upgrades flexible and cost-effective. In addition, specially designed connectors offer end-to-end contacts that meet common industry standards, including SMA, SMP, SK, SMPM and SMPM-T.


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