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Cloud Xpress

Infinera a provider of Intelligent Transport Networks has introduced the Infinera Cloud Xpress family of metro optical platforms, designed for network operators delivering cloud-based services to consumers and businesses.

The Cloud Xpress is optimised for the metro cloud -- the transport network that interconnects multiple data centres within a metro area. In addition, the Cloud Xpress is designed to simplify the deployment of high-bandwidth connections while lowering the power and space required to scale metro cloud networks. Infinera also announced upgrades to the Infinera DTN-X packet optical network transport platform with the Packet Switching Module (PXM) for Carrier Ethernet and MPLS.

'As cloud applications and services have grown in importance, the need for high-speed data centre interconnection (DCI) has grown at a very high rate,' said Paul Parker-Johnson, practice lead, cloud and virtual system infrastructures at ACG Research. 'This has generated the need for new transport solutions with leaner form factors, higher densities and superior operating efficiencies. Infinera is bringing important innovations to DCI with its Cloud Xpress platform, extending its strength in core transport networks to DCI deployments. Cloud Xpress is well-positioned to participate in the emerging service provider DCI transport market, which we expect to reach $4 billion by 2019.'

As cloud adoption has increased, large network operators have reported a magnification effect on incoming traffic, such that a single request from an end user can generate 10 times the amount of traffic between data centres than was contained in the request. This magnification effect is accelerating the deployment of high-capacity transport solutions into the metro cloud. The Cloud Xpress is a small, stackable platform designed specifically to address this need.

Steve Orchard, senior vice president and general manager, data centre and network services at Internap said: 'Our customers expect a highly-reliable, high-performance infrastructure that can support their cloud needs today, as well as scale into tomorrow. Platforms like Cloud Xpress offer great promise to improve the overall cloud experience and enable hybridization at scale, and we look forward to rigorous testing to ensure it delivers the performance and reliability we've come to expect from Infinera.'

The Infinera Cloud Xpress is designed to provide the following benefits for the metro cloud:

  • Hyper-scale Density - The Cloud Xpress delivers one terabit per second (Tb/s) of input and output capacity in just two rack units (RU) with up to 500 gigabits per second (Gb/s) of line-side capacity and a mix of 10 gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 40 GbE and 100 GbE client- side interfaces. For network operators that need to scale the metro cloud in the least amount of space, the Cloud Xpress leads the industry with an unprecedented 21 Tb/s of input and output capacity per 42 RU rack.
  • Simplified Operations - Cloud data centers use a different operational model than traditional service provider central offices. The Cloud Xpress is designed with a rack-and-stack form factor and a new software approach that will enable it to plug into existing cloud provisioning systems using open SDN APIs. By offering an experience similar to the server and storage infrastructure currently deployed in the cloud, the Cloud Xpress enables smooth integration into existing operational processes enabling cloud providers to scale quickly, reduce human errors and lower operational costs.
  • Lowest Power - The Cloud Xpress consumes half as much power as the current leader of the market for comparably-sized metro cloud solutions.

Infinera has also continued to enhance its DTN-X platform with the introduction of the Infinera PXM, a packet switching module enabling highly-efficient packet-optical transport network architectures. The PXM enables service providers to reduce the number of expensive router ports required to offer a portfolio of services based on Carrier Ethernet and MPLS.

'Creating a seamless cloud experience demands networks that can rapidly adapt to the breadth of connectivity requirements across the enterprise,' said Ihab Tarazi, chief technology officer of Equinix. 'We look forward to testing the packet capabilities of the DTN-X and Cloud Xpress, both of which have the potential to help us deliver services faster and more efficiently, to create an even better customer experience.'

The DTN-X platform has applications in both the metro and longhaul networks.Tom Fallon, chief executive officer at Infinera said: 'The introduction of the Infinera PXM underscores our continued investment in the long-haul market and our core business of building Intelligent Transport Networks for service providers around the world.'

Cloud express is currently being deployed in customer trials, planned for general availability in December 2014. The Infinera PXM solution is planned for general availability in the first quarter of 2015.


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