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Enhanced 100G CWDM4+ transceivers from Kaiam designed to address data centre deployment issues

Kaiam Corporation’s enhanced series of 100G ‘CWDM4+’ transceivers is now available. The company says that the transceivers offer higher performance than the CWDM4 standard and are optimised as well as tested for added reliability.

The enhanced transceivers provide 1dBm minimum Tx OMA, 3dB, which is more than required by the CWDM4 standard. This supports 3dB more link budget than required by the standard, therefore supporting more robust links in the face of various real-world data centre link impairments. Each fully assembled module undergoes environmental test and burn-in prior to shipment, as well as routine chip-level screening, resulting in higher reliability.

This performance is possible due to the company’s LightScale 2 architecture, which simplifies optical and high-speed electrical paths. The optical path, based on Kaiam’s OWBTM (Optical Wire Bond) technology, uses fewer components, resulting in lower optical losses. Signal integrity is improved by eliminating flex circuits and hermetic gold boxes and Jeremy Dietz, VP of global sales and marketing said that the products can be accessed quickly by customers following expansion of its production capacity in Livingston, UK combined with that provided by its partnership with Broadex.


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