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Coherent routing solution unveiled at OFC

Nokia is to unveil its first fully deployable coherent routing solution at the OFC conference.

The solution is designed to support fully managed IP-optical integration for today’s 400GbE IP networks, and future-proof them for 800GbE. Single-hop IP express links allow IP access and aggregation routers to directly and efficiently connect with edge and core routers, data centres, and internet peering points over dedicated wavelengths. This approach makes optimal use of IP network capacity and interface resources, while maximising network flexibility and resiliency.  

The demo highlights the ability of IP routers to connect directly over coherent wavelengths and enable end-to-end and efficient packet transport. Coherent routing solutions are available across Nokia’s router portfolio to support all network applications.  

Coherent routing integrates a range of pluggable wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) coherent router optics, application-optimised optical line systems, and cross-domain IP and optical management coordination and automation in a complete, flexible solution. Coherent routing provides an important upgrade to Nokia’s service routers based on FP4 and FP5 silicon, designed with the company’s capability to support coherent optics at scale and full density.  

Vach Kompella, vice president, IP Networks Division at Nokia, said: ‘Nokia’s coherent routing is a best-in-class solution including routers, pluggable coherent optics, optical line systems and end-to-end management. Building on our proven leadership in IP routing, we’re proud to unveil an operational solution which supports 400GbE IP networks today, while  providing future-proof extension to 800GbE.’


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