Coherent Solutions offers new modules for MTP test platform

Coherent Solutions has introduced five new modules for its MTP modular optical test platform for manufacturing and research and development environments. The company has also developed a smaller version of the test platform.

The new MTP modules add more functionality to the optical engineer’s toolbox while improving testing efficiency and reducing workspace clutter. They include:

  • LaserBlade-DFB, which contains a customisable distributed feedback (DFB) laser array;
  • Multimode VOABlade, a multimode neutral-density filter-based VOA;
  • PowerBlade-T, with up to four terminating-type power meters with wide dynamic range or high sensitivity;
  • o2eBlade, with high-bandwidth optical-to-electrical converters with AC or DC coupling; and
  • SLEDBlade, containing a broadband optical source.

Existing MTP modules include a narrow-linewidth tunable laser, variable optical attenuator (VOA) with constant output power mode, optical switches, in-line power meters and a polarisation controller.

Coherent Solutions is also releasing a new two-module MTPmini mainframe that complements the existing nine-module MTP1000. The MTPmini is a compact benchtop chassis equipped with a touch screen to enable stand-alone operation. All new and existing MTP modules with the new chassis, which can also be run as a companion mainframe to the nine-module MTP1000 if desired.

The new MTP modules and MTPmini are commercially available now.


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