Coherent Solutions offers new modules for MTP test platform

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Coherent Solutions has introduced five new modules for its MTP modular optical test platform for manufacturing and research and development environments. The company has also developed a smaller version of the test platform.

The new MTP modules add more functionality to the optical engineer’s toolbox while improving testing efficiency and reducing workspace clutter. They include:

  • LaserBlade-DFB, which contains a customisable distributed feedback (DFB) laser array;
  • Multimode VOABlade, a multimode neutral-density filter-based VOA;
  • PowerBlade-T, with up to four terminating-type power meters with wide dynamic range or high sensitivity;
  • o2eBlade, with high-bandwidth optical-to-electrical converters with AC or DC coupling; and
  • SLEDBlade, containing a broadband optical source.

Existing MTP modules include a narrow-linewidth tunable laser, variable optical attenuator (VOA) with constant output power mode, optical switches, in-line power meters and a polarisation controller.

Coherent Solutions is also releasing a new two-module MTPmini mainframe that complements the existing nine-module MTP1000. The MTPmini is a compact benchtop chassis equipped with a touch screen to enable stand-alone operation. All new and existing MTP modules with the new chassis, which can also be run as a companion mainframe to the nine-module MTP1000 if desired.

The new MTP modules and MTPmini are commercially available now.